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Essential MES Tool # 4: Asset Management

Asset management systems are used to track a variety of information on your assets (machines), including their manuals, maintenance records, spare parts inventory levels, maintenance schedules, and more. This data is typically stored using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). In the manufacturing environment, there is the added benefit of colle cting real - time information about these assets using the numerous sensors and controllers on the plant floor. Bringing these systems together creates a truly powerful tool for maximizing asset productivity.

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Innovation & Creativity with Industrial Automation Company Vertech

Vertech prides it's self in creating an innovative work environment. FedEx day is a dedicated day for Vertech employees to be creative and come up with projects that can enhance the company. To see the different project and team watch the video below.

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Tips for Debugging Ignition Applications

Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform is a powerful, flexible, and highly customizable SCADA platform enabling data-driven decision making for industrial enterprises. Before the final product hits the plant floor, however, developers must configure and program the platform. This post provides a few tips on the different tools available for troubleshooting issues both within your application and with the Ignition software.

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Industrial Cyber Security on a Budget

At a conference I attended recently for the water industry, a fellow attendee asked a panel how to implement some basic cyber security at his water plant with essentially no budget. I loved the honesty of the question, and I posed it to a couple of our in-house industrial cyber security experts when I got back to the office. Here are eight no-cost recommendations they provided for shoring up your industrial network security.

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Christmas in July

Are you as impatient for Christmas to come down your chimney as us? Because we can’t wait, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas in July! Here at Vertech we are ready for the winter weather and our biggest office party of the year! Some of our activities include food, drinks, our secret Santa gift exchange, recognition awards, end of the year slide show and party jams. In the video below you’ll be able to hear different opinions of the annual office party and view last year's photos. Enjoy!

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60K Forging Press System Upgrade

For 30 years, Weber Metals has been a major supplier of aluminum and titanium forgings within the aerospace industry. Having such a large operation makes collecting real-time, accurate data imperative to operations. To help Weber Metals achieve this, Vertech integrated all existing PLCs to a supervisory PLC and SCADA software that provided central trending and the ability to report actionable data for the entire site.


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Government Mandates Municipalities to Perform Network Assessments

Now is the time for water utilities and municipalities to get serious about their network security. Cyber attacks are the top threat to critical infrastructure in the United States. In an effort to secure our nation’s critical infrastructure, the United States government passed the Water Infrastructure Act of 2018. This act mandates every community water system serving 3,300+ people to assess their network for risk and prove the resilience of their system in protecting against cyber threats and the deadlines are approaching.

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Siemens Automation Summit Here We Come!

We are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring and presenting two papers at the Siemens Automation Summit this coming June! This event provides hands-on training and unparalleled access to Siemens product experts and Siemens Solution Partners like Vertech.

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Well Field SCADA with Ignition 8.0 and Perspective

In the oil and gas industry, data collection occurs across many devices which can be miles apart. With such a large geographical area, receiving real time data and alerts is imperative. Collecting data from geographically distributed assets is challenging, but well fields that have been built out over years pose additional challenges to data collection with control systems from different manufacturers and eras. This case study looks at the development of an enterprise SCADA system using Ignition 8.0 and the Perspective module to centralize data from well-field assets.

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Trying to "Catch Them All" Using Unit Testing

Unit testing has long been the standard practice in the world of software development and it’s easy to see why.  Unit testing is the practice where individual ‘Units’ of code are tested to make sure they act as suspected.  With the ever-evolving world of software and constant updates being made to most software products it is more important than ever to be able to test specific ‘Units’ of the code to make sure that recent updates did not have adverse effects on other portions of the code.

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