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World-class automation and MES solutions for any part of the production process
noun_conveyor_2081822 Production Traceability

Increase production transparency, better understand material usage and yields, and map the path materials take throughout the production process with Vertech’s track and trace and product genealogy solutions.

noun_design_2357647 Process Optimization

From performing general process and operations optimization to implementing network and data management improvements, Vertech can help you get more out of existing assets with a comprehensive OEE solution. 

Automation Turnkey Automation Solutions

From programming individual devices and PLCs to ensuring safe and secure integration between the plant floor and the enterprise, Vertech offers comprehensive platform-agnostic automation solutions.

recipe management ISA-88-Compliant Batch Management

Implementing processes that ensure consistency, save time, and are agile is the Holy Grail of food and beverage manufacturing. This is exactly what you get with Vertech’s ISA-88-compliant batch management systems.



The latest industrial revolution is bringing a wide range of new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies to the food and beverage industry. However, knowing how to incorporate the latest technologies into existing systems can seem overwhelming. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve developed unique solutions for clients ranging from distillers and brewers to producers of dairy and dairy alternatives to co-packers for modernizing and digitizing existing systems.

Whether you are looking for a world-class automation solution or to improve data accessibility, optimize production, or increase traceability, our team of experts have an innovative solution to address your unique challenges.


Food and beverage ingredient transparency starts with manufacturing process traceability. With the expansion of food simplicity initiatives such as farm-to-table and the increase in food safety regulations through the Food and Safety Modernization Act, producers need more insight into their processes.

By placing a track and trace system on top of an existing control system, Vertech can provide producers with clear visibility into their production. They can see all touch points and track the creation of a product throughout the production life cycle, gathering data on product genealogy, lot information, and raw material usage and waste. The resulting product road map helps producers provide additional ingredient transparency, which is critical for products such as fortified dairy and dairy alternatives. This also helps producers more seamlessly and cost-effectively handle issues such as product recalls.

product traceability


An aging system does not need to be synonymous with an inefficient system. But, every minute of downtime and each incidence of waste translates to unnecessary costs. To reduce these costs, process optimization needs to be an integral part of your business. However, continuous improvement initiatives are nearly impossible to implement if systems are not in place to monitor the effectiveness of production processes.

Thus, Vertech recommends investing in an overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) solution. Using data collected by the OEE software on common drivers of inefficiencies such as equipment or network downtime, machine or resource underutilization, and material waste, producers can make process workflow adjustments or perform preventative maintenance to optimize production with existing equipment.



Whether you need to install a new packaging line or process system, add a new device into an existing system, or develop a fully integrated automation solution from device to enterprise, Vertech has the expertise to design and implement the right solution for you. This is because automation is our forte. As a result, Vertech specializes in developing world-class, turnkey solutions that can exist anywhere in the software stack.

Vertech’s large range of automation capabilities include, but are not limited to, programming platform-agnostic solutions for process and packaging automation PLCs, panel design and build, developing safe and secure device-to-enterprise connectivity solutions using the latest IIoT technologies, and performing seamless automation layer-to-MES and MES-to-enterprise integration. Our engineers have the expertise necessary to help with everything automation, from implementing system upgrades to providing guidance on master system planning.



From dairy processing to craft brewing and distilling, it is critical to have systems in place to efficiently manage batches. Vertech offers a unique combination of MES and control system development experience that allows us to quickly integrate new systems with existing equipment while ensuring consistent product quality.

More specifically, with Vertech’s custom ISA-88-compliant batch control systems, code is abstracted from the process, providing modular functionality and enabling manufacturing agility. Operators can quickly configure the entire line using stored configurations, saving valuable time and resources. Additionally, with batch control, manufacturers can ensure standards are enforced and quality is maintained while also having the flexibility necessary to support variations that inevitably arise in the real world.

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Dairy & Alternatives

Dairy & Alternatives

Get control of and add agility to all aspects of processing with Vertech’s solutions for ISA-88-compliant batch management, track and trace to monitor critical production data, OEE to perform process optimization, and automation to efficiently manage packaging.

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Vertech’s OEE and batch management solutions help distillers manage a consistent and reliable process from the start of distillation until packaging is complete, while also providing the data necessary to meet TTB compliance reporting in this heavily regulated industry.

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With track and trace and SPC solutions, Vertech can help you grow your brewery and improve efficiency by seamlessly tracking your work-in-progress (WIP) inventory and providing data to optimize processes without compromising your unique identity or production quality. 

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