Vertech has a great deal of experience building PLC control systems for product manufacturers that have unique automated processes that don’t fall into “normal” categories. This includes machine control, discreet manufacturing, recipe systems and more. We’ve automated drills, web-handling systems, fly-ash filling stations, gypsum kilns, and a whole range of other types of systems. Our engineers work with our clients to determine the most effective approach, define the machine’s functionality in detail, and then design and program a system to do the job. While we don’t design machines, we do often work with machine designers to provide the automation required. We love the challenge by the way, so if you have a project like this, pick us, pick us!

PLC Control Systems and SERVICES

  • Sequential control
  • Motion control
  • Web handling
  • Vision inspection
  • OEE and MES systems
  • Track and Trace systems