Ignition Perspective Module

Harness Beautiful, Responsive Design to Control Your Plant from Any Device
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Don't live in the past.

Have you ever wondered why the latest industrial software still feels 10 to 20 years old? It's almost embarrassing.

Your plant data isn't obvious.

You can't see what you need at a glance.

You can't use your phone.

We all use our phones for work. Mobile design should be standard.

Your training process is long.

Screens are confusing and difficult to navigate.

Your security is subpar.

There's a reason security is updated so often. 



The Ignition Perspective Module allows you to build beautiful, responsive applications for SCADA, MES, IIoT and more. Improve plant efficiency, quality and planning with more screens, more mobility, better visualization and more accessibility at every level.


Get all the benefits of Ignition and more.

Control Systems Integration Process Control Easily start and stop production, monitor equipment activity, and check the status of the entire plant floor.
noun_analytic_3207944 Real-Time Data Automate and streamline your data monitoring for an always up-to-date view of your operations.
mobile icon Mobile-First Design

Enjoy a seamless user experience on any device through beautiful, responsive application design.

noun_report_1236833 Modern UX Use intuitive visuals, charts and tables to track key performance indicators and identify trends at a glance.
vertech map pointer2 GPS Integration Take full advantage of site mobility by incorporating location data through your mobile device's GPS.
target-1 Barcode Scanning Enhance inventory data, quality control, and product traceability by scanning any barcode from your mobile device.
security-1 Security Quickly adopt modern security protocols like SSL/TLS encryption and multi-factor authentication.
noun_Cloud_1556919 Unlimited licensing Launch an unlimited number of clients on virtually any device from a central server. 


Application Examples

Ignition Perspective is used in virtually every industry including manufacturing, food & beverage, solar, water & wastewater, mining, airports and more.


What is Mobile-First Design?

Perspective is designed to look amazing on any device. Flexible containers expand and contract for a seamless user experience no matter the screen size.


Other Companies that Use Ignition

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Not sure where to start? Vertech is recognized as a top integrator for Ignition Perspective. We've built the largest OEE application in the world and an Enterprise architecture with over 150 sites. We love delivering fast, intuitive solutions for our customers that just work.

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