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Webinar: Fast, Reliable Municipal Telemetry Networks Upgrades Leaders from Siemens and Vertech team up to discuss how this versatile and underutilized wireless spectrum is ideally suited to building mission-critical, widely distributed networks for utility and infrastructure companies. We also talk about a recent implementation at the Town of Queen Creek and their utility field supervisor shares the results of this project.
Webinar: Ramping Up for the Fully Digital Factory Join us in learning about the digitalization of manufacturing enterprise management, how it will affect your business, and where to get started. In this recorded webinar, experts from Vertech and London Consulting Group explore market trends, the enabling technologies and best practices, and key strategies to accelerate the benefits a digital manufacturing strategy can bring to you and your customers.
Inductive Automation Premier System Integrator Spotlight

Since 2016, Vertech has been an Inductive Automation Premier System Integrator and has since continued to build a reputation for producing world-class automation systems. In the past two years, Vertech has been included in the Inductive Discover Gallery and was awarded the Firebrand Award. Watch this spotlight video to see how Vertech has leveraged the Ignition platform to solve control system challenges and generate true business results for clients.

Demo Video: Implement Affordable Manufacturing Intelligence with MES Lite Implementing MES solutions in your manufacturing business can be a daunting task. And an expensive one! Much of the software available on the market today is overly complicated and expensive, and those that are affordable are inflexible and underperforming.
Demo Video: WinCCOA Voice Recognition

Alexa and Siri are in our homes. We can talk to our cars. Voice commands are everywhere in our lives today. So why not in our SCADA systems? If you have a WinCC OA SCADA system, you have the ability to give verbal commands to control your system. Learn how to use WinCCOA voice recognition for SCADA in this video.


Video: What is a Control Freak?

If you have been around Vertech much, you have probably heard us refer to ourselves as Control Freaks. The name has been around for a few years now, and it really does effectively capture our passion for automation. So in case you have ever wondered what that term means, we put together this little video to provide an explanation.

Video: Vertech Culture | Balance

Having a healthy work-life balance is a big part of our culture at Vertech. We believe that our best work comes from enjoying what we do and not spending all our time in the office. Life is a short journey and we plan on having fun while we work. Learn more about our views on balance in this video.

Video: Vertech Culture | Teamwork 

Our success in automation comes down to the teamwork among our experienced engineers. We know how to work together to provide an automation win for manufacturers. See how we value teamwork in this video.


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