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At Vertech, we’ve been fortunate enough to work on automation solutions for customers in a variety of industries, including water/wastewater, energy, manufacturing, mining, baggage handling, and food and beverage processing. No matter what industry you work in, our range of cross-industry experience allows us to provide better, faster, and more comprehensive control system strategies. But don’t take our word for it; keep reading to see what our customers have to say about the solutions we’ve developed for them.


A lot goes into making sure luggage gets from departure ticket counters to arrival bag claims! Vertech’s systems work behind the scenes to control conveyor systems, route bags based on real-time airline information, and ensure passenger security with integration to TSA inspection systems. Control room visualization systems provide airport operations teams modern tools to monitor conveyor system health, view dashboards and reports, monitor energy consumption, and more.

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With way more than 1.21GW of utility-scale solar power plants under our belt, we can confidently say we know our stuff! Vertech’s systems provide local plant SCADA, dynamic power plant control, and sub-station interface and control. Our standard met stations and DAS panels complement our software to provide a complete solution for EPCs. Owners and operators love the information-rich operational screens and dashboards in our fleet management software.

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Everyone has to eat (and drink)! Vertech’s systems help food and beverage producers like breweries, wineries, distilleries, specialty beverage manufacturers, prepared food producers, and dairy product manufacturers keep their plants running and efficient. From traditional automation solutions like S88 batch control and filling/packaging line integration to modern software solutions like recipe management systems, lot tracking, line performance monitoring, ERP integration, and enterprise dashboards, Vertech’s team delivers reliable operation and efficiency.

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Over the years we’ve gained a reputation as technology experts capable of tackling unique challenges. “Manufacturing” encompasses industries like automotive, aerospace, cement, durable goods, and more. Vertech provides plant and enterprise SCADA systems, MES solutions, and traditional automation systems to clients across a broad range of industries like these. We engage your team with a collaborative approach to developing the software tools your plant needs to run and your business needs to be successful.

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Based in the heart of the US Southwest, Vertech has extensive experience in all aspects of copper, gold, silver, and industrial metals mining. I guess you could say we've been crushing it! We deliver SCADA and PLC control systems across the entire mining process from crushing to final product as well as support systems like environmental protection and mitigation systems. Mining also requires a strong focus on safety, and most of our integrators and technicians maintain current MSHA certifications.

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There are some things humans are just not biologically capable of putting on hold like the need for a cool glass of water and – other things. In the water and wastewater treatment business, reliability is the name of the game. Vertech delivers SCADA systems, secure distributed networks, and site-level PLC control systems that provide the reliability and visibility operators need and customers depend on from treatment plants, collection systems, and distribution systems.

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The control freaks at Vertech love a good challenge, and we’re ready to get to work. Drop us a line!