At Vertech, our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best industrial automation solutions possible. Using standard hardware components and intuitive software design, our team of engineers and programmers design and implement complex, yet elegant, control systems to automate industrial equipment, processes, and data collection and analysis. We build solutions for a variety of industries including energy, water, food and beverage, manufacturing, baggage handling, and mining using industry-standard PLC and HMI/SCADA products to maximize your long-term return on investment.

From control system integration, to designing and delivering manufacturing information systems, to maximizing industrial networking and security, we know that every industrial automation project we work on is strategically and financially important. And that means we need to take each project seriously. And we do. But we also recognize that you can be amazingly good at what you do and still be fun to work with. We work hard to be both.


Our team is a large family of evil geniuses. Just kidding. But truthfully, people who lack the dual-requirement of intelligence and personality don’t last long at Vertech. We hire employees who are passionate about what they do in and out of the office.

We look for people who fill their garages with PLC equipment to play with on the weekends. Our theory is that if you hire the best minds, and just plain good people, you’ll provide the best service possible to your clients, who will love you for it. So far it seems to be working.


Our Purpose


Vertech strives to bring tangible value to our industrial clients by providing modern software tools to their operations, maintenance, and business management teams. We work to improve the lives of those we work with and for by creating systems we are proud to deliver, by treating each other with dignity and respect, and by trying to have a little fun along the way.

Our Mission


Provide world class industrial automation solutions.

Our Vision


Vertech will be recognized as a world class provider of industrial automation solutions, and as the team of choice for the best and brightest talent.


We truly value providing unrivaled quality and creativity. We accomplish this by fielding the best team in the business and by providing world-class customer service.


Love what you do.


Walk the talk.


Life is short.


Unique challenges require new thinking.


Be nice.


Keep everyone’s best interests in mind.

Founding Freaks


Titus Crabb

Titus has over 20 years of experience in the industrial automation industry. He earned a BSEE from LeTourneau University in 1993. He is a registered professional engineer in Arizona, and he holds an C-11 contractor’s license in Arizona as well. He has designed and managed automation projects in multiple industries, including semiconductor, municipal water treatment, food and beverage, durable goods manufacturing, and baggage handling.

As President of Vertech, Titus is responsible for the company’s high-level direction and financial stability, building and maintaining corporate culture, and business development. Outside of the office Titus is an avid scuba diver and traveler. He coaches a FIRST Lego League team of 5th and 6th graders, and he is a board member of High Desert Prison Ministries in southern California. Titus is a licensed ham radio operator with the call sign AF7MI.


Bob Morris
Co-Owner/Chief Tech Officer

Bob obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics in 1994 and has a lot of years of experience in the industrial automation industry. He has been the technical lead for both panel design and programming on many material handling systems, including newspapers, United States Postal Service, baggage handling systems for the TSA, and several projects in of other industries.

As CTO, Bob is responsible for keeping Vertech’s technical skill set on the cutting edge, and for continually improving our quality and productivity through internal process automation.  To bring balance to life, Bob brews beers at home, has become good at locating a golf ball after he tees off, and is an avid hockey fan. He is also a budding sommelier, a passion he shares with his wife, Wendi.

Our Stats

2,300+ Projects


in 20 states and 3 countries

4900 Cup of Coffee


consumed last year

30 Hotel Nights


per year required
to earn a Vertech Road
Warrior Award

Our Partners

Vertech partners with the highest quality providers of automation hardware and software

Trusted names like Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Wonderware, Inductive Automation and more make the cut. By focusing on only the best products available, we gain more in-depth knowledge of those products and pass along the value to our clients through reduced development time. We’d rather not waste your time or money with products that are anything less than optimal.

We also work hard behind the scenes to make sure that we are a fiscally responsible, well-run business. We want our team to be here for you for the life of the system we provide and beyond. The Control System Integrators Association provides a comprehensive blueprint for managing all aspects of a business like ours, and we model our internal processes on their best practices and benchmarks.