Industrial Automation for Dairy Processing and Manufacturing Plants

Take a sip (of milk) if you've experienced any of these issues.

You have significant product waste.
High variability in your process or raw material can really damage your bottom line and your ability to meet food safety requirements.
You can't keep up with consumer demands.
Flexible production and raw material traceability make it easier to provide greater product variety and visibility of your supply chain.
Your software systems don't talk to each other.
We call them islands of automation. We think your software should cater to your process, not the other way around. 
You use excel for tasks that should be automated
We promise there is an easier way to track all of your data from scheduling and production rate to quality control and energy costs.
Can you relate?


Modern dairy plants have to stay flexible to keep up with changing regulations and consumer needs.
Automate and track your dairy plant from raw material to shipping for better quality, efficiency, and planning.
noun_sequence_70351 Process Automation Automate existing or new equipment to improve quality and reduce variability. Integrate existing equipment to provide common control and reduce change-over time.
tracking Inventory & Traceability

Track raw material lots and volume throughout production. Maintain full traceability and visibility for your process and supply chain.

noun_dairy_777325 Batching & Recipe Management Maintain your recipes in one central location, manage version control, and automatically reconfigure control equipment for new batches.
noun_analytic_3207944 Plant Data Replace excel records with real-time measurements and data stored in one central location for an accurate, up-to-date view of your production.
efficiency Efficiency (OEE) Track quality, efficiency, and production rate and easily identify where your performance can improve. 
noun_report_1236833 Food Safety Monitor real-time process data such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, cook time, moisture, and CIP. Easily generate reports for regulatory purposes.
noun_tools_1599865 Maintenance Management (CMMS)

Minimize downtime with streamlined maintenance and features such as auto ticket generation, escalation, and detailed downtime records.

noun_programming_2029864 DevOps Create a development environment that encourages safe continuous improvement. Isolate development and testing from production and automate standard releases.

Other Dairy Companies that use Ignition Software

Our process is simple.

We like to call it 5D just because we're nerds.
• Project Kickoff Meeting
• Clearly define objectives
• Develop project schedule
• Design entire solution
• Provide technical drawings
• Design Review Meeting
• Write the code
• Review at 30/60/90%
• Panel quality check
• Integrated testing of software and panels
• Factory Acceptance Test
• Deliver & install system
• Site Acceptance Test
• Team training
• Go live!

When we're finished, you'll have a system that allows you to focus on the future. You'll have the clarity and control needed to reduce product waste, improve efficiency and stay flexible for new product development. 

Let's talk.

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