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Control Freaks Welcome

YOU: Amazingly good at what you do and fun to work with.
US: Interested.
noun_Technology_1484652 Cutting-Edge Technology The IoT, AI, and 5G may grab headlines, but we’re happy helping to build world class industrial automation solutions that are changing our world for the better.  
salary Competitive Salary & Benefits You have the skills. You have the passion. You take control. You make the call. We’ll be waiting with the right package for the right people.  
noun_training_3217353 40+ Hours of Annual Training In the words of one of our senior programmers, “Vertech is a bunch of smart people that really love what they do.” Good thing we love building up our own!  
noun_innovative_2340061 WORLD CLASS TOOLS Nothing sucks more than the Microsoft spinning wheel of patience. We make sure our team has tools fast enough to keep up with their brains.    
leadership Leadership that Cares Vertech leadership walks the talk of servant leadership. Their job is to support you as you develop world class automation solutions and grow in your career.  
noun_Prize_1692085 "Best Company to Work For" 5 Years running

Our control freaks work well in teams, treat each other and clients with respect, and aren’t afraid to brag a bit —but it's even better when others do it for us.



Being a Control Freak is more than just being a world class control systems engineer or programmer, but it definitely starts there. Do you feel two heads are better than one? Do you make things happen no matter what? Is the term “nerd” a compliment to you? Do you enjoy making others successful? Do you frequently use the phrase, “Wouldn’t it be cool if?” Do you know when to call it a day and recharge your batteries? If that sounds like you, we think you’ll like Vertech.




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Nicknamed “The Valley of the Sun,” control freaks in Phoenix enjoy at least 300 days of sunshine each year, endless outdoor activities, a thriving economy and one endlessly cool industrial automation solutions provider.


One of the greenest cities in the U.S., an average annual temperature of 71°F and virtually no traffic thanks to city-wide sensors that help manage flow, Irvine functions like it feels – nice and easy, with a track record for success and plenty of opportunity. 


If you’re ready to get in tune with a city that can twang and two-step with the best of them, “Music City” should be music to your ears and a boost to your wallet—no state income tax you say? That’s right, no state income tax.


Voted the best place to live in the United States three years in a row by U.S. News and World Report, Austin has a vibrant local culture and thriving tech community. Live music, outdoor recreation, and great food, Austin has it all.