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Simplifying Solar

Maximize the performance of your solar assets by implementing world-class plant control, SCADA, and fleet management solutions.
SCADA SCADA Systems Monitor, control, and analyze all aspects of solar field operation from a central location with Vertech's Solar SCADA solution built on the Ignition IIOT platform.
solar energy Power Plant Control

Optimize solar plant output by monitoring and controlling inverter contributions to plant output and reacting dynamically to provide consistent power output.

fleet management Fleet Management Monitor and analyze performance of your entire fleet of solar assets with Vertech's Fleet Management suite with flexible cloud or on-premise installation options. 
station MET Stations Built to last, Vertech's MET stations come standard with a precision instrumentation package and data logger all mounted on a stainless-steel mast. 
Network Design and Security Network Design and Security Ensure the ongoing availability, integrity, and security of your solar field data with expert design and professional monitoring and patch management.  

Vertech's team of technicians provide field commissioning for control and SCADA systems including network terminations and setup, loop checks, and more.


Vertech's provides responsive support via an online ticketing system to keep your plant assets doing what they're supposed to do: produce power.



A typical solar power plant contains thousands of connected devices from a variety of vendors dispersed across a large geographical area. From an operations and maintenance perspective, the amount of data available in a solar plant can be overwhelming and it is often challenging to ensure solar plants are operating efficiently and effectively. At Vertech, our team of professionals help EPCs, owners, and operators address these issues and more by providing world-class plant control, SCADA, and fleet management solutions.


Vertech’s plant-level SCADA system provides plant operators with real-time information for monitoring and controlling solar fields. It’s also customizable for each plant using standard templates and layouts, an approach that provides a tailored feel at a one-size-fits-all price.  With versatile connectivity to third-party software, Vertech’s solution also offers cloud, on premise and hybrid flexibility with information-rich dashboards and reports.

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Power Plant Control (PPC) from Vertech optimizes solar plant output using a Schweitzer RTAC to monitors and control each inverter’s contribution to the plant output. This unique control scheme maximizes output in situations like partial cloud cover by reacting dynamically to provide consistent power output. With selectable modes, plant performance can be optimized for real and reactive power output, voltage and power factor.


For organizations operating multiple plants, Vertech's fleet management software provides performance and operations information at the fleet level. Built on the Ignition IIOT platform, the system features a scalable architecture capable of connecting an unlimited number of plant assets to a central location. Information-rich dashboards feature high-level overviews of fleet power output, performance, and outages with drill-down capability to individual plants and components all in real time. Understand at a glance whether your plant assets are meeting performance contract obligations, whether they are performing to design, and where to look when performance challenges arise. 
fleet management


Robust and reliable MET stations are key to optimizing solar plant production. Vertech’s standard MET station is all stainless-steel construction with a complete but customizable instrumentation package and data logger. Our standard instrumentation package includes a plane of array (POA) pyranometer, global horizontal irradiance (GHI) pyranometer, module surface temperature (MST) and variety of other important weather and environmental condition measurements.
met station


Solar fields tend to be remote, and they create an enormous amount of data. Thankfully, Vertech’s network team has developed proven strategies to design secure, highly available, resilient, high-bandwidth networks to ensure the availability and integrity of your solar field data. These strategies include network architecture design, installation, and configuration, NERC CIP compliance and network maintenance and support.
Network Design and Security


Vertech provides onsite field technicians for commissioning control and SCADA systems. These technicians provide several value-added services, including field instrumentation installation, network terminations and testing, I/O terminations and loop checks, and SCADA and control system commissioning.


Our technicians provide the following services:

  • Field instrumentation installation
  • Network terminations and testing
  • I/O terminations and loop checks
  • SCADA and control hardware installation
  • SCADA and control system commissioning


When things go wrong, who do you call? With so many components, just figuring out where a problem lies can be as difficult as finding a solution.

Vertech provides the following services to give you peace of mind on cloudy days:

  • Technical phone support
  • Network monitoring
  • Network maintenance (patching and firmware upgrades)
  • SCADA system maintenance (patching, version updates)
  • Network compliance administration and reporting


The control freaks at Vertech love a good challenge, and we’re ready to get to work. Drop us a line!