Wendy Brodeur Fri Aug 4

Vertech FedEx Day 2023

We just wrapped up Vertech’s FedEx Day 2023. And wow, was it a wild ride! For those of you who don't know, our annual FedEx Day is a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping 24-hour hackathon where our teams brainstorm, create, and produce innovative projects. We aim to deliver these projects faster than a FedEx courier (although, between you and me, our team’s delivery track record might be a notch above).

So, what does a typical FedEx Day at Vertech look like, you ask? Well, imagine a whirlwind of innovation, a whole lot of teamwork, and a dash of friendly competition. Oh, plus an insane amount of Mountain Dew.

This year, our FedEx Day kicked off with a bang on July 20th, featuring culture-building digital wellness activities led by guest speaker Mark Ostach. Then, special celebrity guest Andy Buckley (aka David Wallace from the Office) gave us a quick pep talk and the starting whistle. Over the next 24 hours, 13 teams worked their magic, with some super-energetic folks even moonlighting on two teams.

Here's a snapshot of the teams and their brilliant brainchildren:

  • VONG  Created a functional game of Pong using Ignition framework
  • AI Need Repaired   Developed an AI Equipment Failure Predictor
  • Apex Legends PerSPCtive  |  Generated templatized Perspective Apex Chart widgets and data analysis calculations
  • KVWN Channel 4  |  Connected Ignition to a weather API for power output projections
  • What the Chunk  |  Crafted a training module for new hires using the VerTrain panel and ChatGPT Tech writing
  • The Recruitables  |  Used an iPad to digitize resumes at career fairs
  • Eyebrows  |  Came up with a database solution for tag reads
  • Roark  |  Created QR codes for Truck and Forklift safety checklists
  • Hyper Driven  |  Designed hyper-personalized landing pages on the Vertech website
  • Solar PPC Device Exports  |  Built a resource file system with exports from existing solar projects
  • The LeftoVERS  |  Developed an app to choose lunch spots for the team
  • Container Hero III: Legends of Dock(er)  |  Docker-Compose Made Easy
  • Bingo - Not just for retirement homes  |  Digitalized the onboarding bingo game

After an intense 24 hours, each team showcased their genius creations in short presentations via Teams. The entire Vertech crew then voted for their favorite projects in the following categories:

  • Going the Distance – Which projects are still in action and going strong?
  • Best Presentation – Who wowed us with their presentation skills?
  • Most Innovative – Which project had the 'cool' factor?
  • Best Overall – Which project adds the most value to Vertech?

Drumroll, please...

And our peer-voted winners of Vertech FedEx Day 2023 were:

Going the Distance:  What the Chunk
Best Presentation:  VONG

The Vong Crew: Irving Cedillo, Eric Sahakian, Adam Gularte, Alfonso Reyes, Brad Porceng, Mauricio Rodriguez-Pinto


Most Innovative:  A tie! VONG & Apex Legends’ PerSPCtive

The Vong Crew: Irving Cedillo, Eric Sahakian, Adam Gularte, Alfonso Reyes, Brad Porceng, Mauricio Rodriguez-Pinto

The Apex Legends Crew: Addison Waege, Nick Schuetz, Jeong Won Lee, Lauren Crownover, Matthew Migchelbrink, Tyler Willis, Seth Bowling, Kelvin Encalada


Best Overall:  Container Hero III: Legends of Dock(er)

The Container Hero Crew: Andrew Hunt

A massive round of applause for our winners - you crushed it! And a big thank you to everyone who participated and made this year's FedEx Day a total success.
Until next year, keep innovating!



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