Eric Sahakian Mon Apr 1

Introducing Vertech Freemium

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The industrial automation industry is behind the times.


Every year more and more people are abandoning traditional computing for more convenient and user-friendly options. We at Vertech understand that and we want to give operators a sense of pride and accomplishment and managers the customization options to best help their productivity.


The industrial automation industry is behind the times- but not for long. Vertech is proud to announce Vertech Freemium™ a new SCADA for the modern world.


How it works 

  1. We give you a copy of Vertech Freemium™2 Vertech Freemium Banner Ads 
    1. You choose which customization options are best for you using our new VerStore™3 VerStore

      You can buy packs of our in-SCADA currency, VerCoins™ to unlock certain features such as: 

      • Skins
      • More alarm acknowledgements
      • More Trend pens
      • Removal of some banner ads


       Exciting Features 4 Vertech Freemium Overlay Ad

      Want to enjoy our premium product for free? - No Problem! 

      • Just enter your information to visit our sponsors or simply click to close. 
      • Our sponsors show their information every 5 minutes so you have extra opportunity to enjoy the great products!
      • You can hide ads for 4 hours by entering in 10 new email addresses and sharing with people you love!


        More features are on the way!  

          1. SCADA as a service

        • Automatic forced updates, just like Windows now apparently 

          2. Friend System

        • Visit your friend's SCADA system and operate it to fool with them!

          3. Cheat codes
        •  Allows your millennials to operate a plant as good as a baby boomer can!

           4. Referral codes for discounts

        • Since we've already tied into your company wide active directory, it is easy to send out mail to everyone in the company!

           5. Loot Boxes

        • Invincible mode, no alarms are shown for 15 minutes

        • Mini games like Tetris, Flappy Bird, and Suodoku

          6. Make it harder for coworkers you hate

        • Mouse inversion

        • Beeping

        • Email screenshot of action count to boss

        • Invert alarm colors to low priority

          Refund Policy

          There are no refunds ever.

          Wood grain texture provided by 

          Camo texture provided by 

        Hopefully by now you've realized what day it is but if not....



        APRIL FOOLS!!!

        Created by: Haley Carroll and Eric Sahakian



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