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ICC Elevate: A Memorable Time at Inductive Automation's 2023 Ignition Community Conference

We had an incredible time attending the ICC Elevate conference hosted by Inductive Automation. Vertech sent a team of 7 delegates to interact with industry professionals, showcase our latest offerings, and get a glimpse of what the future holds for the world of automation. We were not disappointed!
 Vertech team at 2023 ICC Elevate 24/7 support e-sports outfits

Team Members from Left to Right: Eddie McConnell, Chris McLaughlin, David Folkner, Jacob Jones (back row); Addison Waege, Jeong-Won Lee and Tommy Gray (front row).

ICC (Ignition Community Conference) is a three-day event that gathers Ignition integrators, end-users, and other professionals from the industrial automation world. There are keynote speeches, expert panels, and breakout sessions designed to provide real, applicable knowledge. It also features a Discover Gallery where attendees can see the most innovative Ignition projects and interact with exhibitors.

Announcing Our New 24/7 Support Service

One of the highlights of our participation in the conference was the unveiling of our new 24/7 Support Service for MES and SCADA applications in Ignition. Recognizing the increasing cost and labor needed to support and maintain manufacturing operations, we decided to reimagine client support by providing timely, reliable, structured assistance to keep facilities running smoothly. We offer Proactive Support to keep your MES & SCADA systems up to date and Real-Time Support for when you need to fix a problem ASAP. Learn more here.
 CTA 24/7 Ignition MES SCADA Support for the Digital Plant

24/7 Support officially launched the day before ICC, and we had a lot of fun sharing the news throughout the conference! 

Sporting Esports-Themed Outfits

According to tradition, the Vertech team wore themed outfits to the conference to spark conversation and have a good time. This year, in honor of 24/7 Support, our team decided to take things up a notch. Designed by the talented Lauren Crownover, we wore head-to-toe Esports outfits complete with 24/7 branding and gaming headphones. These brightly colored outfits not only attracted attention but also served as walking billboards for our ICC Puzzle Challenge.
 Vertech team at 2023 ICC Elevate back of 24/7 support e-sports outfits

Vertech ICC Puzzle Challenge

The name of the game was to entertain with our ICC Puzzle Challenge. Thanks to masterminds Addison Waege and Jeong-Won Lee, we created a mind-bending series of 3 puzzles to engage attendees and celebrate the launch with some cool prizes.

To be entered to win, participants had to find the QR code links to each of the puzzles and then answer them correctly. Talk about a challenge! We gave out a Nintendo Switch, Bose Headphones and a few DeLorean Lego Sets to the randomly selected winners. If you’d like to get in a quick brain workout, you can check out the puzzle questions here

Celebrating our Community Firebrand Win

Chris McLaughlin holding award for 2023 Firebrand winner Room in the InnIn addition to announcing 24/7 Support, we also received a Firebrand Award for our contribution to the Room in the Inn (RITI) project. While many of our team members contributed their heart and soul to the project, this was not done by Vertech alone. Chris McLaughlin brought together 150+ volunteers worldwide over 2.5 years to complete a Homeless Management Information System in Ignition for RITI.

RITI provides personal development and recovery programs through education, self-help, and work, focusing on community and long-term support for those who call the streets of Nashville home. The goal was to help streamline their operations to better support those experiencing homelessness in Nashville, TN.

Chris McLaughlin and the team worked tirelessly to replace disparate systems with one cohesive platform in Ignition, simplifying logistics and making staff jobs easier. It was a beautiful example of how automation can be harnessed for social good.

We're humbled by the impact this project made and the recognition it has received. And we’re so grateful to all the volunteers involved! This award is yours. Read more about the project here.
 CTA Firebrand Award presented to Chris McLaughlin & volunteers for Room in the Inn project

See You Next Year

The 2023 ICC Elevate conference was an exciting event filled with learning, networking, and fun. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate and look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence with all of you in the automation community. If you missed us at the conference but would like to connect, please reach out!


Thea Sander

Thea joined Vertech in 2021 as a marketing specialist. With a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, she is passionate about bringing technology to life by connecting to human emotion and experience.



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