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Stay Ready for Anything.

As manufacturing technology gets more complex, supporting and maintaining operations does too.

It can be costly to outsource last-minute emergency support. And even harder to find one “unicorn” engineer to cover networking, databases, programming and more.


We're here to lighten your load.


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Reduce Your Operational Stress.

Get the MES and SCADA help you need when you need it. Our expert staff of Ignition Engineers offers Proactive Support to keep your systems up to date and Real-Time Support for when you need to fix a problem now. 



Proactive Ignition Support to reduce risk and improve operational health


Real-time24/7 Ignition support from our engineers


Get Better Support for Less.

Reduced costs icon Reduced Costs Get expert Ignition support at a fraction of the engineer cost.
faster response icon Faster Response

No more waiting for PO approval or support after hours.

Ticket tracking icon Ticket Tracking

Our ticketing system provides updates and accountability.

Long-term fixes icon Long-Term Fixes Solutions are reliable and last longer because we know your system.
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Make your problem our problem with a few easy clicks.

How it Works

DefineYourNeeds_Illustration Define Your Needs Choose the support options that are right for your plant.
RemoteAccess_Illustration Set Up Remote Access We establish secure remote access from Vertech to you.
SupportBook_Illustration Understand Your System We put together a system reference guide for our engineers.
PeaceofMind_Illustration Deliver Peace of Mind Sit back and relax. We've got you covered.
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What Clients are Saying

 When a devastating Category 5 hurricane hit Nassau Airport and took down their baggage handling system, Vertech worked quickly to bring their systems back online. 
"The world-class service that Vertech has provided to Nassau Airport Development Company is reflected in our high uptime on our Baggage Handling System of 99.9-100%. Vertech's technical support abilities noted below make their service outstanding:

•    Personal 24/7 service with immediate response time
•    Isolating Field wiring issues in real-time with our staff
•    Software Engineers who can address coding issues
•    Field service techs
•    Addressing server issues and maintenance
•    Recommending system upgrades so we can take advantage of changes in technologies
Having a partner like Vertech has proven to be invaluable over the years. They not only have the technical know-how but also have a genuine concern for their clients.


Peter Tynes

Manager of ADB's and BHS, Nassau Airport Development Company








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  • 01 What if I don't need 24/7 coverage?
  • 02 What is your response time?
  • 03 What's the cost?
  • 04 How is this better than T+M?
  • 05 How is this different from IA BasicCare, TotalCare or PriorityCare?

What if I don't need 24/7 coverage?

Our Real-Time Support service is customized to you. Our options include 24/7, 24/weekday and US business hours, depending on your plant needs.

How fast do you respond to tickets?

For our Real-time Support service, we guarantee response times based on the priority level of the ticket: low, medium, high or urgent. The priority level is determined by the urgency of the problem and the impact on your business.

Response Time Matrix


What's the cost?

We create a custom PO based on your requirements and the options you select. By systematizing our support, we're able to provide Proactive engineering services and Real-Time 24/7 coverage for less.

How is this better than T+M?

Proactive Support and Real-Time Support beat traditional Time + Materials by providing guaranteed response times, better long-term care, and full accountability through our formal support structure.

We reduce your risk through regular upkeep, and you get peace of mind knowing that if an issue does come up, we have you covered.

How is this different from Inductive Automation's BasicCare, TotalCare or PriorityCare?

While Inductive Automation Support helps users navigate the Ignition platform, it does not help with specific applications in Ignition. So, for example, if you're running Ignition at your plant and you have an issue with how your production data is displaying, they will be unable to help you. 

Vertech 24/7 Support addresses concerns at the plant level. We become experts in how your Ignition solution is designed for your plant and how it fits into the bigger picture of your operations.  

Our Proactive Support provides routine maintenance & updates, and our Real-Time Support fixes pressing issues and bugs directly affecting business operations.


We're Experts in Ignition.

As the # 1 Ignition integrator globally, we constantly build robust systems for the modern digital plant. Ignition MES and SCADA systems are our bread and butter. So you bet we know how to fix them!


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