Don Pearson Mon Nov 19

Vertech: A Great Example of an Inductive Automation Premier Integrator

Guest Blog Post from Inductive Automation's Chief Strategy Officer Don Pearson


At Inductive Automation, we’ve helped to change the status quo for control systems by helping our industrial customers accelerate the process of digitizing their factories and enterprises. However, we credit a large part of our success to a worldwide community of expert system integrators who have leveraged the Ignition platform to solve control system challenges for their clients. Our company’s integration roots run deep: Our founder and CEO Steve Hechtman worked as an integrator for a quarter of a century, and the pain points he encountered led him to develop a better solution, eventually culminating in the launch of the Ignition industrial application platform.

Control system integrator partners are the lead professionals for the presentation and implementation of Ignition. Our Premier System Integrators, like Vertech, are our top-tier partners who are Gold Certified in Ignition software, have deep expertise with implementation across their engineering team, and a strong track record of success with Ignition projects. A Premier Integrator designation is not given lightly. It is a recognition that this is an integrator we can depend on to exhibit professionalism, experience, and Ignition know-how in every project they undertake.

In 2016, Vertech achieved that designation and was recognized as an Inductive Automation Premier System Integrator. Vertech has since continued to excel and to build a reputation for producing world-class automation systems. For two consecutive years, Vertech has been included in the Discover Gallery at our annual Ignition Community Conference, and have received our prestigious Ignition Firebrand Award.

A true partnership allows all parties to succeed. Partnering with Vertech’s “control freaks” has been nothing but successful for Inductive Automation and our mutual clients. Likewise, we’re happy to see how Ignition has allowed Vertech to grow and expand their business and capabilities into the manufacturing execution system (MES) space.

Vertech has continued to increase the depth of Ignition expertise across their team and has even included Inductive University credential attainment as part of their onboarding process for new engineers. I traveled to Phoenix to visit Titus and get a better understanding of Vertech’s success factors so we could share those best practices with other current and aspiring Premier integrators in our program. To accomplish that, we’ve put together the following spotlight video to dive deeper into how Vertech has leveraged the Ignition platform to solve control system challenges and generate true business results for clients, while simultaneously contributing to their own success as an integration company.





Learn more about our partnership and Vertech’s Ignition certifications and expertise.



Don Pearson

Chief Strategy Officer, Inductive Automation




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