Titus Crabb April 14, 2020

Mixing Marketing and Engineering for Integration Success

In this episode of Inductive Conversations, Chris McLaughlin, officially a SCADA and MES specialists at Vertech, and unofficially one of our marketing geniuses, discusses different ways to bring technical and marketing skill sets together to run a successful integration business.

During this discussion, Chris reveals some tips for utilizing the experts on your engineering team in your content marketing strategies, building trust with your customers, maximizing content, and showing a passion for what you do. He also talks about an exciting shift towards enterprise projects as more industries look to sync their facilities, some upcoming projects for Vertech, and shows us how marketing can be fun!

So take a quick break, download the podcast, head out for some fresh air, and listen to Chris discuss how you can use content marketing, not only to grow your business, but to also become a trusted advisor in your field. 


Listen to the latest episode of Inductive Conversations


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