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December 20, 2018 / by Titus Crabb

Happy holidays to our fellow manufacturers, engineers, technicians, and managers! Many of you may have to work through the rest of December because, let’s face it, our industry stops for no holiday. To cheer you up during those relatively quiet work days, enjoy this top 5 compilation of our most popular articles of 2018:


5. Three Consequences of Procrastinating a Control System Upgrade

Failing to give your control system much needed TLC over its lifetime will eventually come back to haunt you. This blog post provides some food for thought to help you begin developing or implementing your migration strategy.


4.  A Unique Approach to SCADA System Alarm Management

The holy grail of SCADA system alarm management is a system that pinpoints the exact cause of a problem, no matter how much hell has broken loose on the plant floor. The problem is that when emergencies arise, the operator is often left looking for a needle in a flaming haystack. We have a better way.


3.  VerBrewHaus Nano-Brewery is Online!

Vertech's long-awaited nano-brewery is now operational in our Phoenix office – team meetings just got a lot better! The brewery is fully automated using a Siemens S7-1500 processor and Inductive Automation Ignition software. Find out how our inaugural batch turned out.


2. Getting Started with Siemens MindSphere IIOT Platform

Follow our step-by-step tutorial for getting started using the Siemens MindSphere platform – a cloud-based, open IoT operating system for connecting and analyzing data from your products, plants, systems, and machines.


1. 5 Tips to Improve Ignition SCADA Performance

No one likes having to deal with a sluggish SCADA system that isn’t keeping up with normal, daily usage. Check out our top 5 ways for boosting performance to get a fast and responsive system using Inductive Automation.


From all of us Control Freaks at Vertech, we wish you a joyful end of year, hopefully free of work emergencies and last-minute deadlines. Subscribe to our blog, and we’ll be back with more great technical content in 2019!


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