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The Industrial Ethernet Book Features Vertech’s ICS Cyber Security Guide

This month, our ICS Cyber Security Survival Guide was featured in The Industrial Ethernet Book– the only internationally distributed journal dedicated to industrial Ethernet and wireless technologies. As the respected Internet of Things authority, The Industrial Ethernet Book is a trusted resource for forward-thinking plant manager and network administrators in manufacturing.

Today, industrial control systems (ICS) – especially those monitoring and controlling critical infrastructure – are at an increased risk of being attacked. A recent study by the Kaspersky Lab estimates that nearly 40% of industrial computers experienced a cyberattack in 2016. A malicious attack on your ICS could have far-reaching impacts on people and equipment.

Securing your ICS is not as simple as adding a firewall to your network. Instead industrial plants must adopt a defense-in-depth philosophy to effectively stop cyber threats that take advantage of common holes and gaps in networks at established factories and plants. By implementing a multi-layered defense strategy in place, manufacturers can prevent security breaches from many different fronts, as well as slow down attackers to buy you time to respond and counteract.

Based on the defense-in-depth model and years of hands-on experience with ICS networks, Vertech’s featured Survival Guide for ICS Cyber Security steps through securing controls systems from cyber threats. This comprehensive guide includes a short list of practical, high-level action items for control systems engineers to tackle.

Take control of your ICS security by downloading this free guide to ICS cyber security today.


ICS Cyber Security Guide




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