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A Collaboration to Improve Human Well-being through Technology

Here at Vertech we're on a mission to elevate human well-being through automation. So we recently joined forces with renowned nonprofit organization SonSet Solutions to make a significant impact. Vertech gifted a state-of-the-art 3D printer to SonSet Solutions, marking a pivotal step in leveraging innovative solutions for global outreach. This partnership reflects our unwavering commitment to using technology to elevate the well-being of humanity and showcases how even low-tech communities can benefit from IIOT technology.

Vertech and SonSet Solutions logos

SonSet Solutions: A Ministry of Innovation

SonSet Solutions, formerly known as HCJB Global Technology Center, has been diligently working behind the scenes as a technical arm for various Christian ministries worldwide. They're passionate about providing innovative technology-based solutions that advance the gospel globally. "Our mission is to help other Christian ministries be more effective at what they do, with a strong focus on sharing the gospel," expressed Doug Weber, Connections Team Lead for SonSet Solutions.

SonSet Solutions operates in three primary areas: Broadcast Radio, Power Solutions, and Community Development. From assisting Christian radio stations worldwide to developing solar-powered radios for remote locations, they embody a commitment to technological innovation in the service of a greater purpose.

Aligning Missions

When Vertech President, Titus Crabb, visited Tanzania with his church last year, he became acutely aware of the need for clean, accessible water in the region. Once he discovered what SonSet Solutions was accomplishing in the area, he knew he wanted to help further their cause. A 3D printer happened to be one of their top needs.

The alignment of missions between Vertech and SonSet Solutions was a natural fit. SonSet Solutions’ technology is a perfect example of implementing what the industrial automation industry uses every day in a non-traditional setting that improves the lives of thousands. Titus had this to say about SonSet Solutions: “What they are doing fits really well with our mission of elevating human well-being through automation, and the solution aligns with our services. It also shows how IIOT technology is being used to improve the lives of even low-tech communities.”

Impactful 3D Printing Applications

The impact of our partnership can be seen through the application of 3D printing in SonSet Solutions' water projects. With the infusion of a FormLabs Fuse 1+ 3D printer from Vertech, they’ve manufactured essential items, such as an enclosure for the LifePumpLink sensor package and a wrench for the SonSetLink box, that have found crucial applications in water missions around the world. These 3D printed tools have become invaluable in the efforts to provide clean water to communities in need.

SonSet Solutions 3D printer in action

3D Printed Sensor Package Enclosure

SonSet Solutions has partnered with Design Outreach’s LifePumpLink project to develop a global monitoring network for remote wells, typically serving third-world communities. LifePumpLink uses a locally mounted sensor package to collect data from wells, such as handle rotations, time-in-use, and ambient temperature. It then reports the data to a custom-developed, multi-tenant IIOT software package via cellular or satellite modem. This system enables proactive maintenance of pumps that would otherwise be extremely challenging due to their remote and distributed locations. SonSet Solutions uses the 3D printer provided by Vertech for low-volume manufacturing of the enclosure that protects the field mounted electronics from the environment and the pump’s moisture.

This collaborative effort has global reach, with 3D printed sensor package enclosures being added to pumps in Malawi, Haiti, and Nepal.

SonSet Solutions installing LifePumpLink at a remote well

3D Printed Wrench

Another partner of SonSet Solutions is Water Mission, an organization that focuses on water purification. As clean water becomes scarce in disaster-stricken areas, Water Mission plays a crucial role in providing water purification. SonSet Solutions developed SonSetLink to provide internet accessible, real-time data of Water Mission's clean water systems. SonSet Solutions is using their new 3D printer to craft branded wrenches specially designed for Water Mission. The 3D printed wrench enables field technicians to quickly and securely fasten sensor cables to the SonSetLink box.

Water Mission utilizes these 3D printed wrenches globally, including challenging locations such as Ukraine, where they are actively engaged in disaster relief efforts.

SonSet Solutions 3D printed cord grip wrench for Water Mission

Leveraging the capabilities of their recently acquired 3D printer, SonSet Solutions embraces an innovative strategy to address the challenges posed by their partner ministries. Utilizing versatile solutions and IIOT technology, SonSet Solutions significantly influences the well-being of remote, low-tech communities, as well as disaster-stricken areas. The partnership between Vertech and SonSet Solutions reflects a shared spirit of innovation, evident in our joint efforts to overcome obstacles and create a positive impact in the lives we touch.

Looking to the Future

Looking towards the future, SonSet Solutions is committed to exploring further applications of 3D printing beyond water projects. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, SonSet Solutions aims to continue making a positive difference. The partnership between Vertech and SonSet Solutions serves as a catalyst for transformative change in water projects globally, demonstrating the tremendous potential of technology when combined with compassion. Together, we have created a path where technology and empathy converge, leaving a lasting impact on the communities we serve.


SonSet Solutions works with ministry partners who provide clean water to communities as a means to open the door for sharing the Living Water. Check out their YouTube page to see their ministry in action.

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