Wendy Brodeur Thu May 2

Vertech Family Day 2024

In an era where connection and community have never felt more important, Vertech's Family Day 2024 managed to bridge the virtual gap and bring us closer together in the most delightful way. Spearheaded by the amazing Alyssa Garcia, Vertech's Office Manager, this year's Family Day turned into an unforgettable virtual scavenger hunt adventure. Here's a recap of the event that had everyone talking.

A New Twist on Family Fun

Alyssa Garcia, known around the office for her creativity and organizational prowess, spearheaded a family day that could engage Vertech's cross-country employees and their families in a new, dynamic way. With many of us still navigating the nuances of remote interactions, hosting a virtual scavenger hunt using the Scavify app was a brilliant idea.

The concept was both simple and ingenious. Participants, spanning from toddlers to grandparents, were invited to form teams and complete a series of playful challenges. These ranged from answering trivia to capturing photos with household items or in amusing poses, and even recording short videos completing fun, engaging tasks.

Screenshot of Vertech Family Day home screen on the Scavify app      Screenshot of the scavenger hunt's final leaderboard from the Scavify app

The Scavenger Hunt Experience

For one exhilarating hour, Vertech’s digital airwaves buzzed with activity. The Scavify app served as our playground, guiding teams through various challenges designed to be both fun and feasible for participants of all ages. The friendly competition saw families scattered across different locations, united by their efforts to outdo each other creatively and earn those coveted top spots on the leaderboard.

The tasks were thoughtfully crafted to ensure inclusivity, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a virtual setting. They required not only quick thinking and teamwork, but also encouraged participants to explore the spaces around them with a fresh perspective — all the while fostering a sense of togetherness despite the physical distance separating teams.


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Another Successful Event

Reflecting on the success of Vertech Family Day 2024, it's clear that its triumph lay not just in the laughs shared, but in the sense of connection it fostered. We want to give a huge thank you to Alyssa, whose expert orchestration transformed a simple virtual gathering into an adventure we'll all remember.

Looking ahead, the anticipation for future events is already mounting. Vertech Family Day 2024 set a precedent for how virtual interactions can transcend traditional boundaries, reminding us of the power of community and connection. Thanks to the creativity, commitment, and camaraderie of everyone involved, we're reminded that even when apart, we're always together in spirit. Here's to many more adventures ahead, proving that no matter the format, the community at Vertech remains unshakably strong.



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