Jennifer Dawkins November, 8

Recorded 4.9 GHz SCADA Telemetry Networks Webinar Now Available

If you missed our Webinar last week around creating fast, reliable municipal telemetry networks using the FCC-licensed 4.9 GHz band, the recorded session is now available. During this Webinar, leaders from Siemens and Vertech discuss how municipalities can take advantage of the licensed 4.9 GHz frequency band. 

Key topics include:

Real-world success stories of moving to the 4.9 GHz band

Titus Crabb, president of Vertech, walks through the technical details of the Town of Queen Creek’s recent SCADA system telemetry system transformation. When this city faced rapid growth that exceeded the capability of their 900 MHz radio telemetry network, they needed new radio infrastructure that could provide reliable, high-speed connections to their existing sites, provide expansion capacity, and allow integration of video at remote sites. Brian Quill, Utility Field Supervisor from the Town of Queen Creek, shares the results they are seeing from the new system.

A practical approach to better connectivity

Mike Dalton, wireless sales director at Siemens, outlines the licensing process to implement the 4.9GHz band, as well as key planning and installation considerations for a modernizing your SCADA telemetry system and getting the connectivity you need. He also reviews Siemens latest wireless broadband offering, RUGGEDCOM WIN, a high-performance, long-range, and secure standards-based family of wireless products with 4.9 GHz spectrum solutions.

View the webinar now to learn how how the 4.9 GHz band can improve your telemetry network's bandwidth, connectivity, and security.

View the Webinar




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