On-Demand Webinar

Is your municipality's telemetry network slow and unreliable? Is limited bandwidth preventing implementation of remote SCADA clients or video? View this on-demand Webinar to learn about how you can take advantage of the FCC-licensed 4.9 GHz frequency band for greater bandwidth, reliable connectivity, and enhanced security.

During this webinar, leaders from Siemens and Vertech team up to discuss how this versatile and underutilized wireless spectrum is ideally suited to building mission-critical, widely distributed networks for utility and infrastructure companies. We also talk about a recent implementation at the Town of Queen Creek and their utility field supervisor, Brian Quill, shares the results of this project.  

Titus Crabb-2-094992-edited
Titus Crabb
Mike Dalton
Wireless Sales Director
 Brian Quill
Town of Queen Creek
Utility Field Supervisor


Key topics include:

  • Case study: a technical walkthrough of how the Town of Queen Creek’s water utilities moved to the 4.9 GHz band and the resulting performance
  • The licensing process for implementing the 4.9 GHz band
  • Key planning and installation considerations for modernizing SCADA telemetry systems
  • Introduction to Siemens’ latest wireless broadband offering, RUGGEDCOM WIN

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