SCADA Screen Designs

September 16, 2019 / by Shayley Giles

Have you ever looked at your SCADA screen(s) and thought this screen could look a lot better? Or why isn’t there organization or functionality to this screen design? Maybe you haven’t, but we guarantee your operators have. The problem with some SCADA designs is programmers don’t take the time to think about the daily usage. The goal for any screen design should be to help the operator receive important information efficiently in order to make decisions.

At Vertech we recognize that poorly designed SCADA screens negatively influence productivity. With that in mind, Vertech’s seasoned crew of developers program SCADA screens with clearly presented information, intuitive system controls, and clear navigation at their core. In this video, one of our programmers talks about our method for creating organized, practical, and visually appealing screen designs.  



Want more insight on creating great SCADA screens? Check out our white paper: 7 Essential SCADA Design Components to Maximize Plant Productivity.

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