Shayley Giles May, 15

Case Study: Well Field SCADA with Ignition 8.0 and Perspective

In the oil and gas industry, data collection occurs across many devices which can be miles apart. With such a large geographical area, receiving real time data and alerts is imperative. Collecting data from geographically distributed assets is challenging, but well fields that have been built out over years pose additional challenges to data collection with control systems from different manufacturers and eras. This case study looks at the development of an enterprise SCADA system using Ignition 8.0 and the Perspective module to centralize data from well-field assets.

This project developed and implemented a scalable enterprise well field SCADA system based on Inductive Automation's Ignition 8.0 and the Perspective Module. This platform connects geographically diverse assets using a variety of control technologies and protocols. Standardized displays simplify operations and data analysis to improve maintenance response times and well field operations.

Mobile clients were developed using the recently released HTML5 Perspective module. This module allowed us to develop mobile-friendly screens to view operational data and alarms for each asset. Using the GPS in an operator's phone, we were able to prioritize alarms by the operator's proximity to the alarm as well as alarm severity.

With the scalable architecture designed by Vertech, our client is well positioned to add all well field assets to this enterprise SCADA system.

Read the complete case study here: Well Field SCADA with Ignition 8.0 and Perspective.



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