Titus Crabb July, 17

Vertech Acquires nVent Steinhauer ModCenter 293

Vertech is excited to announce that our Steinhauer ModCenter 293 is here and fully operational! The ModCenter is a fully automated CNC machine enabling our UL508 panel shop to make precision cutouts in control panel enclosures and automate the process of drilling and tapping back panels. Dubbed "Veronika" by our team (everything here starts with VER), this machine can handle:

  • Enclosures up to 93.7" (2380 mm) tall by 86" (2200 mm) wide
  • Back panels up to 92" x 94" (2340 mm x 2400 mm)
  •  All standard enclosure materials including mild steel, stainless steel, and non-metallic
  • Any enclosure brand
  • Fast
  • Repeatable
  • Significantly less expensive than manual methods
  • World class quality
Simple Process
1. Create the Design

Our team can work from your existing design or we can work with you to create the required CAD file based on your requirements. 

2. Purchase the Panels
We can provide enclosures or we can modify enclosures you ship to our facility. 

3. Make the Modifications

We will put Veronika to work on your enclosures and back panels!


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