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Vertech is a control systems integration firm providing complete control system solutions for water and wastewater, airport baggage and cargo handling, mining, energy, food and beverage, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries. Our team of first-class engineers designs and implements complex yet elegant control systems to automate industrial processes.

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World class!

Being on site and watching our guys in action was a great reminder to me of what makes our team truly awesome. We care about our clients, and we work hard to give them a great product for a fair price.
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Arizona Energy

Arizona is a national leader in the production of renewable energy including hydro, biomass, and solar. We are a sunny state, and solar power is really taking off here. Here are a few interesting facts about energy production and consumption in Arizona. Read more.

Practice your Ver-cabulary

If you aren’t careful, learning Ver-techese can bring on a Ver-graine. If you end up with one, Ver-tinis have been known to help. Take two and call us in the morning. Read more.

CSIA Certification

Last fall, Vertech successfully passed an audit of our business processes and project methodologies by the Control Systems Integrator Association. We are currently the ONLY CSIA CERTIFIED INTEGRATOR IN ARIZONA. You can find out more about what this certification means at www.controlsys.org, but the audit covered the following topics: Read more.