The Complete Guide to UNS & UAF

Unlocking the Power of Industrial Data

Everyone knows data drives better efficiency, innovation, and smoother operations. But managing and analyzing that data across your organization can be a massive headache.

The Unified Analytics Framework (UAF) is here to solve your data woes once and for all! We're kidding, but also not really.




Remind me... What is UAF?

UAF is a one-stop shop for all your data needs. It goes way beyond unifying your data sources. It takes care of data ingestion, processing, storage, access, contextualization, analytics and visualization. Phew!

Basically, UAF is an unlimited, holistic solution for your data, allowing you to pull real-time trends and tailored insights across your entire organization.

Dive into the Data

Perhaps you've heard of UAF or UNS but don't know where to start. In this paper, we take a deep dive into the topic, with real-life examples of how we have helped companies unlock the power of their data. Enjoy!