Take Control of your Plant With SCADA Solutions

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) have come a long way in the last decade. SCADA systems still do what their name implies by providing a centralized place to view your processes and equipment, but these functions are only components of modern platforms. Data is at the center of the stage now, and SCADA software provides a host of new tools to make the most of that data. SCADA is the logical entry point to your digitalization strategy.

Every business has its own processes and approach to getting things done, and as a result, SCADA systems need to reflect that unique culture. This is YOUR equipment and YOUR data. Vertech’s seasoned crew of SCADA programmers understands that clearly presented information, intuitive system controls, and clear navigation are the core of good SCADA/HMI programming. We can design to your standards: we won’t try to force you into a box. However, if you don’t yet have standards, we have some great ones, and we think you’ll like what you see. Either way, we will involve you every step of the way so that you wind up with a system you love.



Centralized monitoring and control of your industrial equipment is a great starting point for any digitalization initiative. Knowing what your processing equipment or manufacturing line is doing in real time from a control room or on a mobile device has obvious operational advantages, but SCADA systems can also serve as the foundation for an automated data collection strategy for your enterprise.

One of the most under-valued tasks on many SCADA projects is UI (User Interface) design. Let’s face it, some SCADA screens are hideous. Overly complex or visually distracting systems significantly reduce the effectiveness of these systems and are unacceptable. We make a serious effort to channel our inner-designer when designing screens and follow basic graphic design rules like color coordination, information grouping, and consistently applied fonts and iconography. You’re going to like the way your screens look.

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Historians are pretty standard components of all SCADA packages today, and most come with great built-in tools for reviewing historical trends and some basic reporting. Getting actionable information from very large data sets is easier said than done though, and special skill-sets and tools are often required to find the information needle in the data haystack.

Vertech goes beyond just installing a historian and connecting it to the plant floor. Our team is trained and experienced in manipulating SQL databases, creating custom reports, and applying advanced analytics tools. While we always prefer off the shelf solutions from one of our partners, we aren’t limited to them for solving more complex data challenges. Whatever your data collection and reporting needs, we have you covered.


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SCADA systems are more prone than other industrial automation components to obsolescence and require updating much more frequently. Maintaining support with your SCADA software vendor and regularly updating SCADA software operating systems and servers is the best course of action whenever possible, and Vertech’s team can manage these updates for you while keeping your plant assets operational.

When updates are not regularly managed, eventually SCADA systems will force your hand. Older software will not operate on new operating systems, newer operating systems will not operate on older hardware, and holder hardware eventually dies. Fear not! Vertech is experienced in transforming these obsolete control systems into modern technology platforms with wide open opportunity for system improvements. Today’s SCADA software has a bigger bag of tricks than just visualization and reporting, and the investment in an upgrade will lay the foundation for a larger digitalization strategy including MES, analytics, and more.

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Like the real thing, pursuing a cloud solution can be white and fluffy or dark and foreboding. Using cloud-based resources does make sense in industrial environments, but like any other technology solution, these solutions need to be well planned. Concerns like unfamiliar technologies, cyber-security, internet connection issues, and recurring costs are not unfounded but they can and should be addressed when a cloud solution is the best option.

Vertech is uniquely positioned to provide cloud based solutions in industrial environments. With a team of web programmers, database experts, industrial networking gurus, and control systems engineers, we bring all the skills together under one roof. Our team regularly implements systems in Azure, AWS, and other cloud services. We develop both custom, ground-up solutions and implement on emerging IIOT platforms like MindSphere and ThingWorx. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

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