Kris Grindstaff

Industrial Networking & Cybersecurity Lead
Kris Grindstaff joined Vertech in July of 2011, and he holds the position of Renewable Energy Specialist for Vertech.  Kris has extensive experience and skill in designing, programming, testing, and servicing complete automation solutions.  Kris’ experience includes everything from servo and motion control drives, PLC’s, HMI’s, to plant wide SCADA and utility scale solar plant monitoring and control systems.  In addition to his controls programming and SCADA skills, Kris’ skill set includes proficiency in Information Technology areas including database architecture, historian management, site management, server administration, cybersecurity, and network configuration. Kris is typically responsible on projects for all duties covering design, technical expertise, contractual issues, overall costs, schedule, billing, and other administrative functions through project completion.