Kelly Colligan

Digitalization Manager

Kelly joined Vertech in 2023, bringing with her over a decade of experience in controls engineering. With an extensive background in the Oil and Gas industry, Kelly is driven by a profound commitment to leveraging data analysis as the compass guiding business decisions in the realms of safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Her expertise includes Honeywell DCS systems, OSI Soft PI, and a knack for crafting intuitive UI designs in HMIWeb and GUS. In the manufacturing domain, Kelly has led the charge on transformative projects such as the implementation of plantwide MES systems, custom applications, streamlining OEE and downtime tracking, and automating batch processes. Her passion lies in solving intricate technical challenges and nurturing the growth of her fellow teammates.

Beyond the confines of the office, Kelly's adventurous spirit shines. She can often be found hiking rocky paths and carving through fresh powder in the Wasatch mountains. When not conquering the great outdoors, she's burning rubber at the nearby motorsports campus or channeling her energy into creative home improvement projects.