Welcome to the age of the Digital Factory! Join us in learning about the digitalization of manufacturing enterprise management, how it will affect your business, and where to get started. 

In this recorded webinar, experts from Vertech and London Consulting Group explore market trends, the enabling technologies and best practices, and key strategies to accelerate the benefits a digital manufacturing strategy can bring to you and your customers.

Chris McLaughlin, Vertech and webinar co-presenter     DanielCampos-666959-edited.jpg    Vertech_Titus.png
Chris McLaughlin
SCADA & MES Specialist
Daniel Campos
London Consulting Group
Managing Partner
Titus Crabb


Key topics include:
  • Organizational readiness and change management
  • Manufacturing execution systems (MES) software in the digital factory
  • Demonstration of MES software
  • Reaping the rewards of a digital factory

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