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Don't settle for just okay.

You may need an upgrade if...

You can't view your data at a glance.

There are better ways to spend time than manually sorting data.

You don't own your system software IP.
It's your process. We think you should own it from start to finish. 
You have automation islands.
Your software should fit your process, not the other way around.
You pay a high annual software subscription.
We have to pay them again? This is really racking up.


Improve operational efficiency, visibility, and security with our top-tier Automation, SCADA, MES, and OT network solutions.
mobile icon Mobile-First Design Enjoy a seamless user experience on any device through beautiful, responsive application design.
noun_integration_3242445 Full Process Control Easily start and stop activity, monitor equipment usage, and check the status of your plant.
noun_analytic_3207944 Real-Time Data Automate and streamline your data monitoring for an always up-to-date view of your operations.
security-1 Security Quickly adopt modern security protocols like SSL/TLS encryption and multi-factor authentication.
efficiency Efficiency Tracking (OEE) Track quality, efficiency, and production rate and easily identify where your performance can improve. 
noun_tools_1599865 Maintenance Management (CMMS)

Minimize downtime with streamlined maintenance and features such as auto ticket generation, escalation, and detailed downtime records.

noun_Cloud_1556919 Unlimited Licensing

Launch an unlimited number of clients on virtually any device from a central server. 

noun_programming_2029864 DevOps Create a development environment for safe continuous improvement. Isolate development and testing from production and automate releases.

Hire the best.

Vertech was named the #1 Ignition integrator of the year in 2019.

  • We have the most certified developers of any Ignition Integrator.

  • We are a Premier Certified Integrator for both SCADA and MES (highest certification).


And don't worry. We're still super nice.


We are now the most experienced Ignition Perspective integrator in the world.

  • We developed the largest OEE application in Perspective with over 200 production lines.

  • We built the largest Enterprise architecture in Perspective with 150+ sites.
  • We completed the largest SCADA application in Perspective with over 3.5M tags.

  • We implemented an Enterprise MES Perspective application across 6 sites.

And the Firebrand Award goes to...

We've received multiple Firebrand Awards and have been featured in the Discover Gallery at Inductive Automation's ICC event.

2020 Firebrand Award - Arizona Beverages

2020 Firebrand Award - Waste Management

2016 Firebrand Award - Brewery "White Box"

2017 Discover Gallery - DEPCOM Power

Our 5D process is simple.

• Project Kickoff Meeting
• Clearly define objectives
• Develop project schedule
• Design entire solution
• Provide technical drawings
• Design Review Meeting
• Write the code
• Review at 30/60/90%
• Panel quality check
• Integrated testing of software and panels
• Factory Acceptance Test
• Deliver & install system
• Site Acceptance Test
• Team training
• Go live!

When we're finished, you'll have a system that allows you to focus on the future. You'll have the clarity and control needed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and stay flexible for new business growth. 

Talk to an expert.

If you need help implementing Ignition and Sepasoft at your company or want to learn more about our automation solutions, we'd love to talk! Book a call with one of our experts.

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