At Vertech, we know it takes a world-class team to tackle the industrial automation problems the industry is experiencing today, because let’s face it; if these problems were simple to solve, our company wouldn’t exist. We have assembled a highly skilled team of knowledgeable, experienced, well-trained engineers, programmers, and designers. You can trust us to handle all components of your industrial automation or information project with professional competence.

Along with retaining the best technical talent in the business, Vertech also holds a high regard for the personality and character of our team. When working with us, you can feel confident that your project team will not only be technically amazing, they will be good people that personally care about your success and the success of your business. Our primary goal is your success, and each person on our team works hard to ensure all phases of industrial automation project development and implementation are stress-free and enjoyable.


Vertech’s engineering team provides electrical and control system design using AutoCAD Electrical. Typical drawings include control panel designs, P&ID drawings, network drawings, and electrical power distribution drawings.

Control panels are designed to UL and NEC standards, and include physical panel layouts, power wiring, I/O wiring, rack layouts, and loop diagrams. We hate to brag, but our control panel drawings consistently wow our clients with their level of detail and quality. Ask for a sample and see for yourself.

Our designers use the latest version of AutoCAD Electrical to increase quality and consistency in our drawing sets. We maintain a library of pre-made blocks for thousands of parts allowing us to provide our legendary levels of detail, and ensuring that your drawings will look the same from project to project.



Networks are an intentional, primary component of the design. Without properly designing the network up front, you may end up building an industrial automation control system that is vulnerable to cyber security threats or simply doesn’t work.

Vertech’s networking engineers are experts in both legacy and modern networking technologies and their corresponding security vulnerabilities. We create an architecture that will support the availability, bandwidth, and security requirements that are crucial to your business success no matter what.

We maintain a full stable of gray-haired engineers to assist in the design and troubleshooting of legacy system networks such as Modbus, ControlNet, DH+, Profibus, etc. You get the idea. If it’s old, we can still work with it. We even have a guy that remembers what a DB25 is and still solders his own cables together.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have a bunch of young hot-shots that grew up programming layer 3 Cisco switches using the command line interface at 2am when they should have been out on dates. Whatever the network technology, we are ready and able to design a stable, secure, highly available communication system for your plant.



Almost all of our systems use PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller), and PLC Programming is a core skill-set for Vertech. Our team of PLC programmers will work with you to document required functionality in detail up front to ensure project success. Our PLC programs are well documented and consistent, which makes them easy to maintain and troubleshoot. In our arsenal we hold an ever-expanding library of fully developed and tested code blocks, which ensures quick project startup and robust functionality.



We maintain software licenses and trained experts for the following PLC platforms. Rather than listing out all of the various PLCs and programming software packages that each of these companies provide, let’s just say we have it all the way back to the DOS versions.


  • Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
  • Siemens
  • Schneider / Modicon
  • Bedrock Automation
  • GE Intelligent Platforms
  • Automation Direct


Data shouldn’t be cooped up in a database somewhere: it needs to be set free so you can view it in all its numerical, pie chart glory. Seriously, data borders on useless if you don’t have some way to view it in a context that makes sense. Only you know what that context is, so our programming team will work with you to define the information you need and develop reports in the format that’s most useful to you.

We create detailed reports that present process information clearly and simply. You can import data from other systems, incorporate the data and display as desired, then export reports in formats compatible with all other applications. Reports can be auto generated on a schedule, e-mailed to you, or viewed through a browser. With modern reporting tools, just about anything is possible. It’s the future of industrial control systems, and it doesn’t require a DeLorean (or a flux capacitor).

A few of the tools in our reporting tool-box:

  • Dream Reports
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • Crystal Reports
  • Ignition from Inductive Automation
  • Historians from Wonderware, Rockwell, GE, Siemens, and others


Vertech’s seasoned crew of SCADA programmers understands that clearly presented information, intuitive system controls, and clear navigation are the core of good SCADA/HMI programming. We can design to your standards: we won’t try to force you into a box. However, if you don’t yet have standards, we have some great ones, and we think you’ll like what you see. Either way, we’ll do the heavy lifting, but we will involve you every step of the way so that you wind up with a system you love.

Let’s face it, some SCADA screens are hideous. Overly complex or visually distracting systems are unacceptable. We make a serious effort to channel our inner-designer when designing screens and follow basic graphic design rules like color coordination, information grouping, and consistently applied fonts and iconography. We configure and prioritize alarms so they’re presented to your operator in a logical way that makes sense based on the context. You’re going to like the way your screens look.

We maintain development software licenses and trained experts for the following SCADA/HMI providers:

  • Wonderware (InTouch, System Platform) – Archestra Certified Developer
  • Inductive Automation (Ignition) – Gold Level Integrator
  • Rockwell Automation (FTView ME/SE) – Recognized Integrator
  • Siemens (WinCC and WinCC OA) – Solution Partner
  • GE Intelligent Platforms (Proficy iFix, Proficy Cimplicity)


System architecture design is a crucial step towards a successful project. It encompasses a collaborative design process in which the client’s goals are clearly understood and the project is carefully designed.

Vertech’s staff will work with your team to fully understand your manufacturing equipment and controls application requirements. We thoroughly investigate the environment that the application will be used in. Vertech will be your technology advocate, ensuring that the appropriate technology is selected and that you don’t pay for unnecessary components.


Our startup teams have perfected their own thorough approach, with years of experience working on a wide range of projects. Programming and control system design needs can range from very small and relatively simple jobs to complex systems encompassing multiple locations and manufacturing equipment types.

Every I/O point is methodically checked and documented from the end device to the SCADA/HMI. Equipment manual controls, automatic control loops, alarms, and data logging are each checked and documented against sequence of operation documents to ensure intended functionality within real world conditions. We maintain a license of Expertune loop tuning software to professionally tune PID loops during commissioning.

Once our teams have completed startup, you can trust your industrial control system will perform reliably and consistently for years to come.