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Parsec TrakSYS™ is a one-platform solution for real time, data-driven operations management.
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It's time for a software upgrade.

Raise your hand if you can relate 🖐️

You have various MES & Analytics.

TrakSYS is one platform for all your operational needs.

You can't see your plant activity.

You have to call someone to get the status (or walk there yourself).

You don't own your software IP.

It's your process. We think you should own it from start to finish. 

You use Excel to track everything.

As much as we love Excel, it's time to move on.

Sound Familiar? It doesn't have to.

Take Control of Your Factory

Manufacturing Operations Management Made Flexible, Extensible, & User Friendly.
noun_data visualization_3060300 One Unified Platform As a unified MOM software platform, every application (Quality, Performance, E-Records, etc.) is housed within TrakSYS.
noun_Cloud_1556919 Interoperability TrakSYS connects to your existing infrastructure (ERP, SCADA, PLCs, IIOT, etc.) through a variety of industry-standard protocols.
security-1 Protecting the Future TrakSYS has the ability to scale as your business grows. Seamlessly activate additional solutions as need arises, without the fear of operational disruption.
affordability-icon Affordable Ownership TrakSYS offers significantly reduced cost of ownership – from development to deployment, from beneficial use to maintenance. Less to spend, more to gain.
 TrakSYS powers the biggest names in the industry.

Manufacturing Operations Management Made Simple

As a unified, web-based MOM software, TrakSYS is easily scalable and customizable. Manage all your manufacturing operations from any web-enabled device, anytime, anywhere.


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Executive Guide to Leveraging OEE

Integration has promised a connection from the Shop Floor to the Top Floor. nowhere is the rift any wider than in the leveraging of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).



The Wings of Productivity

A TrakSYS-Powered Success Story of Production Optimization at Messier-Bugatti. How the team at Messier-Bugatti utilizes TrakSYS to help optimize production at their facilities around the world.


One Platform, Many Solutions

TrakSYS provides you with the MES Solutions and tools you need to run your operations as efficiently, effectively, and profitably as possible.

performance-icon Performance Optimize operations using real-time production data.
production-icon-1 Production Optimize operations using real-time production data and synchronized planning and scheduling.
quality-icon-1 Quality Create and enforce quality through a culture of design.
batch-icon-1 Batch Batch Management for more repeatable product quality and process efficiency.
energy-icon-1 Energy Manage energy and utilities to improve your bottom line.
traceability-icon-1 Traceability Protect consumers, your brand, and your profitability.
inventory-icon-1 Inventory Manage inventory effectively using real-time production and ERP data.
maintenance-icon-1 Maintenance Manage maintenance effectively using real-time equipment data.

We're easy to work with.

Not sure where to start? Vertech is recognized as a top integrator for Parsec TrakSYS. We love building fast, easy-to-use solutions for our customers that just work. No matter how unique your process is or how many excel sheets you are using, we are here to help.


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