Baggage Handling

Vertech provides a comprehensive range of automation services for airport baggage handling. We are experienced and proven in delivering BHS control systems, sortation systems, Explosive Detection Systems (EDS), oversized baggage, bag reconciliation, and BIWIS. We provide our own Sort Allocation Controller written in Microsoft .NET and capable of interfacing with all airline industry reservation systems. Our experienced team can successfully deliver an entire BHS design including field device layouts, e-stop zones, tracking zones, network design, MCP design, and distributed I/O design. Our standard and proven PLC code provides solid merge, divert, queuing, tracking, and sorting logic that starts up dependably and quickly.

Vertech’s team of experienced programmers understands the rigorous requirements for in-line security systems including TSA validation. We have integrated in-line scanners from Morpho,  L3, and Reveal, and we provide a complete reporting package meeting TSA requirements for in-line systems. Vertech also provides a state of the art Human Machine Interface (HMI) system, which provides industry standard system monitoring and reporting. We are an authorized integrator with Vic Thompson Company.


  • BHS Control system design
  • PLC and HMI programming
  • United States TSA certified systems
  • Inline Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) integration
  • Affordable sortation system including airline system interface
  • USCBP BIWIS system