Most craft breweries begin as small batch brew houses started by beer-lovers with a passion for the craft. As breweries achieve success and grow, it’s common to experience problems in quality or profitability or both depending on the methods used to increase production.

The good news is that it’s not only possible to maintain quality as quantity increases, it’s possible to scale your brewery without compromising your unique identity and brand. Software tools can assist your team with production scheduling, ingredient tracking, recipe management, efficiency and quality monitoring, and much more. Best of all,  you can connect these systems to provide everyone on your team one common location to monitor and control the business.

Vertech provides the following solutions for your craft brewing business:

Manager Dashboar

Business process consulting: Assistance with upgrading your business processes and organization to meet the demands of your growing business.

Production scheduling systems: Make more beer with the same equipment through efficient production scheduling.

Ingredient traceability systems: Track and document exactly what ingredient lots are in each bottle of beer produced.

Recipe management software: Maintain your recipes in one central location, and automatically reconfigure control equipment for new batches.

Efficiency monitoring systems: Understand your yield, quality, efficiency, and production rate against theoretical maximums. Gain insight to make tangible improvements.

Brewery automation systems: Automate existing or new equipment to improve quality and consistency. Integrate existing equipment to provide common control and reduce change-overs time.

The WHITEBOX: real-time performance data

Simple Configuration

Simple Configuration

The powerful Ignition software on our self-contained WhiteBox allows for unobtrusive, plug-and-play installation on your bottling or canning line.

Simple Configuration

Constant Data

The WhiteBox is constantly gathering production data that is instantly available to view and explore.

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Breweries we've worked with

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Keg Tracking

Learn how Firestone Walker utilizes Ignition to manage their kegs through the whole lifecycle of inventory, filling, shipment, and the time outside of the facility until return.

Efficiency Software

In this Webinar, see the results Ignition and the White Box achieved for Anchor Brewing in just one week, and the efficiency Stone Brewing gained in their brewhouse, fermentation, cellar and packaging lines.